What always makes a great scene are the details. In arch viz exteriors it’s very common to surround the buildings with trees to give it a more pleasant atmosphere. A nice detail to add to these scenes are leaves that fall off the surrounding trees and sometimes it’s a hassle to find nice models of these objects on the internet, so we have decided to save you some time and created our own to share it with you for free!

As some of you may know and for those who don’t, an important tip for achieving photo-realistic renders is that the closer an object is to your camera, the higher the detailing should be. This is something we always tell our students at 2G Academy, It’s the little things that make the big difference!

Having this in mind, a highly skilled modeler from 2G Studio decided to share his own created highly detailed dry leaves models for use in your commercial and non-commercial projects with no extra cost. The set contains several kinds of leaves with different textures ideal for giving that extra detail on your exterior scenes. They are perfect for positioning it close to your camera with your favorite scattering plugin to achieve great final results.Feel free to use it for your commercial and non-commercial projects and don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can download it directly from our blog by subscribing to 2G’s Newsletter at www.2gs.co. If you create a scene with G-LEAF #1 please share it with us by sending it to reinaldo@2gs.co, selected images will be posted on our blog.

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