1. Detailed information and description is provided by the client. If the data is not complete it will be requested. The following are the data required:
  2. After data reviewed, we will start working on the project.

  3. Preliminary drafts will be sent within 3 days after the deposit. Large projects and/or missing information will require more time for progress to be sent.
  4. The first progress will show the building in clay render, that is, everything in white without any materials or textures so the client may approve of the building and environment model. The illumination will be based on daylight lighting and the number of images required will be based on the camera angles defined. For each camera we provide 2-3 alternatives to choose from. For example, if you require 20 images, 40-60 images will be provided.

    The objective of sending the first progress with the parameters mentioned above is that at this point the client usually hasn’t defined clearly what materials and textures to use. If they’re applied at this stage, it’s more likely that the client may want changes, increasing the amount of work and time generating an increase of cost as this risk will surely be included in the previously established quotation. Taking this into consideration, it is preferred to help the client reduce the number of revisions and not affect the budget. The fee structure will also be based on this first stage.

  5. After sending the first progress, feedback will be expected. At this stage is where the client may define the textures, camera angles and lighting moods. Clients may also request camera position changes since the model will still be presented in clay renders.
  6. When the first feedback is received, 2-7 days will be required to send the next progress. Large projects with many revisions or missing information may require more time. This progress will be based on the revisions and information provided in the beginning. If there is any mistake from our part, it will be corrected without affecting the 2 revisions limit.
  7. Upon receiving the final approval of all the images required, final rendering will proceed. This will required 2 – 3 days. Large projects may require more time.
  8. There are 2 free revisions for every project. It is highly recommended that the client provides the complete data from the beginning and follow points 2 and 3 to make sure the revision of point 4 is maximized. Design changes are not part of the revision. This would imply a drastic price increase since the modelling would have to start from scratch. If this is the case, a new project’s modelling cost will be required. (modelling only without the whole rendering cost)


If you are a Rendering Company or Studio and would like to collaborate with us, please send us an email through our Contact section. In these cases we offer different services. Thank you.