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Great coffee always makes life better. Here at 2G Studio we are big fans of good coffee and we showed our love for the worldwide renowned greatest coffee shop of all times Starbucks! We even made two personal projects which received awards and recognitions from top CG websites. You can check out these projects at our website entitled “Starbucks by KengoKuma” and “Starbucks by Liz Muller”.

So now that we have expressed our sentiments, allow us to share, that’s right, an object to add detail to your scene. Designed to be positioned near your camera for its highly detailed and textured geometry, the famous Starbucks Tumbler. As used In our scene, we would like you to use G-Model #2 in yours as well and share your images with us by sending them to, selected images will be posted on our blog and don’t forget to spread the word with all your friends.

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